Lamborghini Aventador: Feeding Frenzy

Yesterday was Lamborghini Day at the Motorsports Gathering. In a lot of ways, it seemed more like Aventador day. By my count, there were 5 or 6.

The SVs are pure wicked sharks – Great Whites (or Yellows) in a pool of “ordinary” bull (sharks). Sitting completely still, they still look like they are languidly circling, aloof and untouchable, just waiting until it is time for hellscreams of V12 fury and melting shrieking tires and superheated asphalt and exhaust. And the utter destruction of any challenger.
At least that is my hope. The “regular” Aventadors seem to get driven. No idea if the SVs get out to hunt or if they’re just going back on the trailer to the  shark tank hyperbaric chamber. Regardless, I took this opportunity to play around with some editing effects. Enjoy, CC, whatever.

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