1977 Pontiac Grand Prix: Peak(er) GM

On our last episode of “Peat GM.” we visited the 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass. This is basically the same car (the A-bodies). They were better than the comparable Fords or Chryslers (at least through MY 1976). This was the everything car for your favorite middle manager. Sporty – look at the wheels and chrome rings! And a floor shifter! And a grab handle!

Roomy – it has a back seat for the kids when it’s your weekend! And bucket seats for you and the disco hook up!

Classy –  fancy color combos like beige over brown, just like the boss’ Olds 98. And a big old clock, because you don’t need a tachometer with a 455! And it’s got a hood ornament!

Stylish – you know it’s a Pontiac because of the grille that is split with a pointed nose (mirroring the badge). (U really do like that the grille texture is continued into the bumper, but recessed as if it is continuous (as opposed to being flush with the bumper like an underbite)).

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