Lotus Esprit: Teenage Boy Fever Dreams

are not limited by scale or ergonomics. Just look exotic in a world of Pintos and Cadillac de Villes. Even straight lines can be wild. Who knew?

lotus esprit
I’ll forgive rubber bumpers for flippy headlights.

lotus esprit
Passenger: Where do my legs go?

Ergonomics, shmergonoics. Amirite?

Adult me sees a few issues:

  • the HVAC scares me. Especially the lack of VAC
  • The shifter. You’ll get the V because your arm will trigger the windows when you drop it into 2nd coming out of the curve.
  • Having a radio is probably almost as pointless as in a comparable year Ferrari so who cares that you can’t switch a tape.
  • also, kiss your passengers feet goodbye – they may never emerge from under that low hanging dash
lotus esprit
Get used to this view.

But who cares, from the outside?  This car shows that hatchbacks can rock it, too.

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