1986 Oldsmobile Toronado: What Could Have Been

This is the 1986 Toronado. It should instead have been the 1987 or 1989 Mercury Cougar. Stay with me here.

Oldsmobile ToronadoThe Cougar started with covered lights. Change the logo and (maybe) reorient the linear pattern to vertical. Or not.

Oldsmobile Toronado

The Cougar started with full-length taillights. Fix the badging and mirror the lines on the grille and aren’t you set?

There is also this – the 1989-97 Cougar had the same side window profile. The 1999 Cougar switched to FWD, so it’s not like this is complete heresy.

The Toronado was always a bit ponderous until this leaner, meaner version. The first and last Cougars were sexy and lithe, so that works.

And there is this: the ’83-86 Cougar got back to being cool. Then they started getting fat and ridiculous again. By ’89. the Cougar was homogenized even farther.

Maybe the plans just got switched. Both models death spiraled into oblivion, so we’ll just never know what could have been.* * *

If they really were going to do this, the interior would need some tweaks…

toro-5 toro-2

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