Fiat 500L
Did You Miss Me?
May 30, 2015 Automotive

Sorry for the absence – real life intervened. I currently have a day job that requires me to do actual work, all the time. It also has a “computer use policy” and a “you only get paid for billable time” policy.

Waah.  I know.

On the bright side, I got rid of the baggage hauler in favor of something waaaay cheaper per month a bit less staid.  And one that replaces conservative convenience and unfailing practicality with a fair amount of lunacy, from the wacky front fascia, to the not QUITE Abarth turbo, to secret door locks to a low step in and room for dogs who are unlikely to be allowed to ride in it.

Fiat 500L

I know – I need to clean out the garage.Once I stop acquiring leftover property and temporary houseguests. Or once I sell this shack and move to [CLASSIFIED].

Anyhoo, this is what is on tap:

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