1972 HONDA Z600: Let’s Bounce!

Sometimes, size doesn’t matter.* Sometimes, all your smart car technology is no match for a couple of pieces of Reynolds wrap for fenders and some rubber bands for power. Siometimes, you jam it into spots that are just too tight. ┬áNo problem. ┬áJust bounce it right back out.

1972 HONDA Z600
Comes with convenient carrying handle.

*Except the size of the bid. $16K for a 42-year-old: cheap for a divorce; kinda pricey for a proto-Civic.

1972 HONDA Z600
Rolling on 120/90 10s.
1972 HONDA Z600
So small there is no room on the inside for the back window. Or the suspension.


1972 HONDA Z600
Honda: we misapplied “coupe” before it was cool! That or “Hatchback” would be too small to read.


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