1972 HONDA Z600: Let’s Bounce!

Sometimes, size doesn’t matter.* Sometimes, all your smart car technology is no match for a couple of pieces of Reynolds wrap for fenders and some rubber bands for power. Siometimes, you jam it into spots that are just too tight.  No problem.  Just bounce it right back out.

1972 HONDA Z600
Comes with convenient carrying handle.

*Except the size of the bid. $16K for a 42-year-old: cheap for a divorce; kinda pricey for a proto-Civic.

1972 HONDA Z600
Rolling on 120/90 10s.
1972 HONDA Z600
So small there is no room on the inside for the back window. Or the suspension.


1972 HONDA Z600
Honda: we misapplied “coupe” before it was cool! That or “Hatchback” would be too small to read.


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