Ferrari 400i Spider: Conversion is Not Just for Roofs
December 6, 2014 Automotive

Ferrari 400i


Thirty years: no sightings.  2014: 3, all at the Scottsdale Hookers and Squirrels Motorsports Gathering. Red white and blue.  Yay America (f*** yeah!). Bank of America was originally Bank of Italy. The Ferrari 400i comes to America and gets turned into a Mustang. I see the wacky lights and think: if only the resurrected Capri were a good car. Or at least an interesting one.

Anyhoo, I’m not usually a fan of conversions. They’re usually raspy edged and ill-fitting. The tops usually garble the lines of the donor coupes. But then you lower that rag out of sight and fire up your 8 (or in this case 12) best friends and none of that crap matters.  Only speed and wind and sound and groupies.

Ferrari 400i Ferrari 400i Ferrari 400i-4

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