Chevrolet C-10
ACID FLASHBACK THURSDAY: 1984 (ish) Chevrolet C10 Custom Deluxe
November 30, 2014 Automotive
Chevrolet C-10

What to Drive when you manage a Sparkle Buggy Wash.

Where I saw one:  at the weekly Pavillions car show

Nostalgia factor: 2/10 – the equivalent of mom jeans

Baseline: 0/10, because I never owned one.  +2 because Dad owned 5 pickups.  – 1 because three were Chevys. -10 because none were F150s. +1 because one was a Dodge. -1 because it was a Crew Cab before they were cool.  -10 because it had a bed cap, instead of being a dualie.

-10 because it was the company car of the Sparkle Buggy Wash. +10 because that role was not filled by me, because i quit. +1 because it was real handy when resealing the parking lot. +0 because i was involved in the process, but managed not to get any tar on my white shoes. +0 because i worked at the car wash in the first place. +0 because I never had to clean the pits.

+10 for the Car and Driver magazine bullshit factor so as to create the result we want.

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