Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato: Hit or Miss
October 26, 2014 Automotive

We like Zagato.  As design houses go, they’re the most consistent. This is a plus, because they’re just so darn elegant you want to never let go of that style language.  Usually.

But, much like coaching searches, the results are not always hits.

Enter the Saab Sonnet.

Zagato: Let’s take my Dad’s Saab to JC Whitney and make it cool!

Zagato: We’ll call it an Alfa Romeo!  No one will know!

junior zagato 0

My eyes! The ugly is burning my eyes!

junior zagato 1

Even in metric, the gauges are optimistic.

junior zagato

Badges won’t save you

PROTIP: When modding, the base car is kind of important.  See silk purse; sow’s ear.

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