zagato 5-95
Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato : Why Yes, They’re Real
September 6, 2014 Automotive

This is number two (we think) of as many as five[?].

Zagato Lamborghini Zagato Lamborghini
Zagato Lamborghini

"5" Comments
  1. It is kind of a face only a mother could love, if mom was a nurse shark. I like the rear profile, but the Zagato greenhouse seems forced.

  2. It does have that “best Fiero ever” sort of look. I like it because it’s different. It is unmistakable as a Zagato. At the same time, i think the unmistakability is because Z phoned it in on the design. They just appended design cues last used on the Alfa TZ3. I would take this if offered, but if there were a choice, give me a Vantage instead.

  3. no they arent their cool


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