Party On, Wayne
April 14, 2014 Automotive

Party on, Garth.

This is the 1978-80 Pacer.  I do have a sick attraction to them.  The proportions just seem spacy and right.  It doesn’t hurt that it looks like a grown up Porsche 928, especially the ’75-77 Pacers with the thin horizontal grille that could be just bumper gap.  I do like the later, stupid and out-of-place grill – for some reason, that colossally bad idea on paper actually worked.  For me.  It defies any explanation.  It didn’t work for anyone else – sales of the entire three years with the extra nose were less than any one year of the original front end.
Another theory is that the reputation of the mechanicals (basically a bloated version of the Hornet/Gremlin/Concord) sucked ass. The engines were crap. The build quality was crap. The performance was crap.
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