4 Replies to “Barrett-Jackson 2014: 1968 Ford Thunderbird”

  1. loved the design of the 68 it was different completely from the 67 although they resembled each other. Had a unique style inside and out. I owned a 2 door in 70 but only kept it one year because it was a mechanical disaster. It had a 428 thunderjet which ran like a rat, ate gas like a 747 and nothing worked after the first year but I still love the design above all the birds I’ve owned over the years. I was 20 years old when I bought it from Luke Boulton Ford in Plantation Florida. I only wish I could find one today that is in decent condition, unmolested and ready to restore.

    1. I liked the coupes of that era. The 4 doors seemed like mission confusion. When they lost the headlight covers (see Messrs’ Kidd and Wint, Diamonds Are Forever), I lost interest. I got it back in ’77, and then lost it again around 1992.

  2. I bought a 77 in 1977 when they shrunk them. I LOVED that car too.It had style and grace, it had a 400ci motor which ran well and it was the top of the line landau. (loaded)It was gold with brown & white leather rolled interior and it was the dealers wife’s car as a demo. Had it a year and a half then bought a trans am in 1979 when the body changed too the full deck taillights. But I still love the 68 in that series the best as I liked the 77 in that series.

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