Corniche Jr.

Bentley Continental
Can’t we just call them all Zsa Zsa?
If you just take a quick glance, you thing Rolls Royce Corniche, right? Wrong.  This is a Bentley Continental. How can you tell?
Easy – Badges.

Bentley Continental
That might represent some spirit of ecstasy, but it’s not that one lady
Bentley Continental
The view of the plutocracy seems the same…

There are a couple of other clues – the rounded grille bottom, the body color on the bumper and grill slats.

Bentley Continental
Kneeling for the shot, not genuflecting

All this begs the question what the tea and crumpets is going on here? This isn’t the racy, sporty Bentley of old or new.  This is more blatant badge engineering than Pinto/Bobcat.  A Cadillac Cimarron is more distinguishable from a Cavalier. Rolls owned Bentley from the 30s to the late 1990s.  I guess I never got close enough to one from that era to see how identical they really were.  I’m kind of surprised Bentley even survived.  Based on what they’re doing now, with all that VW money, I’m glad they did.  At least they’re not just throwing grilles on Beetles…


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