Penske Wynn Epilogue

In our last episode, the good folks at Penske Wynn Maserati charged ordinary mortals to stroll among the cars offered for sale. However, they also said, “no photos,” claiming it was a policy at the Wynn.  Ever a fan of the scientific method, we tested this claim. Anecdotal evidence belies the claim.

I walked around on the Wynn property, whipping my camera out indiscriminately. No one said word one about it.  Some “policy.” I did it on all three days in Vegas.  We know they have no problem enforcing rules like no buskers/beggars/sleeping on or smoking the fake grass. Maybe no photos is more about favoring  the privacy interests of the whales that can afford to roll in one of these.  They’d rather not be recorded browsing, tyvm. Maybe no photos is naked elitism – we’d rather not accommodate the drooling masses and their pedestrian whims, now that these idiots have paid to walk our car lot.

Regardless, the policy did not stop me. There has to be a more fitting conclusion than” nanner, nanner, nanner,” but given the pretensions already in play, we’ll take the low road, as the one less traveled.

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