Everything right
November 25, 2012 Automotive

and wrong about the 1980s (first term Reagan, anyway) in one car
Oldsmobile 88
This is an Oldsmobile 88

  • interchangeable front end.  Is this an 88 or a 98?
  • is this a 1980? A 1985?  Only a student of planned obsolescence through interchangeable grill textures can tell.
  • From a distance, is this Cutlass?

Oldsmobile 88
It gets better

  • chassis shared with 8 other brands/models between the bumpers. it could be any of 4.
  • Add 4 inches (TWSS) to the wheelbase, and it could be three others.
  • Vinyl roof in the same color.  Really?
  • fake wire wheels and whitewall tires
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