Fake Boobs

Ford Mustang

At first blush, this obviously has to be a Shelby GT500 KR, an $80,000 post-title modified GT500 that mostly involves adding way the hell too much power to the already overendowed  GT500.But something seems off. Let’s just do a double take, shall we?

Shelby GT500 KR

This is a real one.  What’s different?

  1. Stripes
  2. Slight difference in hood scoop?
  3. Hood pins
  4. “S H E L B Y” on the hood
  5. Bigger holes in upper grill (vs standard Mustang pattern)
  6. Offset Shelby logo on grill (vs cetered Mustang)
  7. Brake cooling ducts in lower grill
  8. No fake side scoops

So?  Shenanigans

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