Phoenix 5.28.06


Kid Rock: Decepticon
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Baby blue. Richie Rich at the wheel. Why didn’t I take my own picture? Because i was walking. Why won’t I make THAT mistake again soon? Because:

  • I missed the shot
  • My car gets appreciative stares when i drive
  • I get appreciative stares when i walk. Except they seemed to come only from guys. WTF? This is NOT why I go to the gym, fellas – not for you Then, at a traffic light, a passenger in a car turning right tried to say hello (in a very personal way) as the car was moving, but I was just out of range.

This is one weird ass town.

Happy birthday

to my Mustang.  1 month, 1700 miles, $8,000 in gas

2006 Ford Mustang

0 babes.  Soon to be a breach of warranty claim…

I am an idiot

I have had this dig camera for three years.  Last week I figured out how to use the 11x digital zoom.  (the trick?  push the zoom button, which goes all the way to “3x” – the limits of the optical zoom.  THEN PUSH IT AGAIN)

Oi 206

Across the street, and across a baseball diamond.

No, i did NOT happen to read the manual.  What’s your point?

Why we should pretend the 1970s never happened, Ex. 3

Crap Cars

Or, Only In Arizona (since they have long since returned to dust everywhere else (we can hope))

Kinda makes you want to hang out the window of a LeMans and drunkenly yell “oi,” doesn’t it? Actually, one time Merloid did that to me FROM one of these shitboxes. What a proud day that was – to be called a loser by a loser.*

1976 Ford Pinto mpg wagon

1976 Ford Pinto mpg wagon badge


*Anyone riding in a Pinto by choice is a loser. Period. It’s indelible. You can redeem yourself with, e.g., Plymouth Fury V-8s and shit like that, but still, it’s a black mark on your soul.